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2001 Mazda Millenia 01

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Engine Mechanical problem
2001 Mazda Millenia 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 80000 miles

I have a 01 Mazda Millenia 2.5L with 80k miles on it. I just came back from Pep Boys because my check engine light is on. Two codes came back P0170 and Code P1522. The P0170 says BBBank 1 Adaptive Fuel Table at Calibrated Limit Probable Cause. The P1522 says OEM Brand: Honda even though mine is a Mazda but says BBBrake booster pressure sensor circuit low voltage probable cause. Please someone explain or suggest to me what I need to get as in parts or what I need to have done. Any answers are appreciated ThanksWell, according to the manual P0170 is the right bank fuel trim malfunction. Here are the conditions that can set the code.

DTC is set when PCM adaptive memory drive mode is running, right bank fuel injection closed loop correction and learning correction are greater than specified value because of system malfunction. See PCM ADAPTIVE MEMORY DRIVE MODE under DRIVE MODES. This is a continuous monitor. MIL is illuminated when Powertrain Control Module (PCM) detects malfunction during 2 consecutive drive cycles. Possible causes are: 
" Misfire. 
" Right front HO2S malfunction. 
" Pressure Regulator Control (PRC) solenoid malfunction. 
" Fuel pressure regulator malfunction. 
" Fuel pump malfunction. 
" Fuel filter plugged. 
" Fuel leak at fuel line, fuel rail or fuel pump. 
" Fuel return line plugged. 
" Exhaust system leak. 
" Purge solenoid valve malfunction. 
" Poor connection of purge solenoid valve hoses. 
" PCV valve malfunction. 
" Low engine compression. 

I can attach the troubleshooting info but you will need test equipment. Would you like me to attach that for your review?

For Code P1522 that is a Variable Resonance Induction System (VRIS) Solenoid Valve No. 1 Circuit Malfunction

DTC is set when Powertrain Control Module (PCM) detects low input voltage from VRIS solenoid valve No. 1 system with ignition switch on. This is a continuous monitor. MIL will not illuminate. Possible causes are: 
" VRIS solenoid No. 1 malfunction. 
" Open or short circuit between VRIS solenoid valve No. 1 and PCM. 
" Open circuit between VRIS solenoid valve No. 1 and main relay. 
" PCM malfunction. 

Is the vehicle running any different?

Is this the first time the codes were thrown?

While you are reviewing and answering my questions I will review the TSBsVehicle still runs fine unless its just sitting sometimes it surges. What do I need to troubleshoot the P0170? I already know what all the codes mean I looked them all up online I honestly want to know what will fix it. What parts do I need to get the engine light off and pass state inspection? Before like two weeks ago I had 4 codes and they was due to a catalytic converter and speed sensor and a cylinder misfire which was a total of 4 codes. I got a tune up and that took care of those codes. Then cleared the light but it came back on with these two codes of the P0170 and P1522 so now I need to know what will fix these. I have never seen these codes before now when I had it checked today
Thanks for the info..........the problem with P0170 is as you see, there are about 13 different things that would set the code........

I will attach the troubleshooting for you but as you see, you need the equipment to test it. So you will have to either have the tests run or take a chance and change a couple of things to see if that works and then if not......pay to run the tests.........

Me, I would change the PCV valve and right front O2 sensor. But again....please remember if you don't have the equipment to verify what it is this is still a shot in the dark....here is the tests for P0170.

Diagnosis & Repair Procedure 
1. Ensure FREEZE FRAME DATA has been recorded. Check for related service bulletins. Repair as necessary and go to next step. 
2. Turn ignition off and on. Check for DTCs. See RETRIEVING DIAGNOSTIC TROUBLE CODES under SELF-DIAGNOSTIC SYSTEM. If DTC P0300, P0301, P0302, P0303, P0304, P0305 or P0306 is present, go to step 8 . If any other DTCs are present, repair those DTC(s) first. If no DTC is present but a driveability problem is present, go to step 8 . If no DTC is present and no driveability problem is present, go to next step. 
3. Check for DTC P0170 in FREEZE FRAME DATA. If DTC is present, go to next step. If DTC is not present, repair any other DTC(s) present in FREEZE FRAME DATA. 
4. Using scan tool, access PID data for MAF V, ECT V, TP V and VS. Turn ignition on. Start engine. Compare readings with specifications when ignition is on and engine is running. If all PID data is within specification, go to next step. If any PID data is not within specification, go to appropriate component or system test. See SYSTEM & COMPONENT TESTING - MIATA, MILLENIA, MPV, PROTEGE & 626 article. Go to step 24 . 
5. Using

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